Did you know that Moringa oleifera, which is a drought-resistant tree that grows in the tropics of Africa and sub-tropical places like northern India is nicknamed "The Tree of Immortality"?

Moringa’s most impressive property is its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Did you know that Baobab Trees grow in many parts of Africa and every part of the tree has traditionally been used as food, medicine, or as the basis of clothing or household items?

Baobab is a fruit with a citrus-like flavor found inside hard pods that hang upside down from the tree.

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Maintain Wellness and Vitality with Change 4 Africa LLC Wellness, vitality, energy and plant based Moringa and Baobab superfood powders.

Living a healthy lifestyle includes practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to attain better physical and mental health. It's a conscious decision to be personally responsible for one's well-being – engaging in physical activities, choosing to eat healthy, and sleeping well. With Change 4 Africa LLC, maintaining vitality and wellness is now easier and affordable.

As a wellness and lifestyle brand, Change 4 Africa LLC offers our signature Moringa and Baobab superfood powders that are guaranteed to be fresh, high quality, and ethically sourced. Moringa is well known for its impressive anti-inflammatory benefits while Baobab is a good source of Vitamin C, potassium, and phosphorus and could help improve digestive and gut health.

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  • Game Changer!!!

    Game Changer!!!

    My daily smoothie is packed with nutrients to sustain my energy levels during both my moderate and intense weekly workouts.

    Shevon M

  • Marathon Runner!!!

    Marathon Runner!!!

    Loving the Baobab and Moringa powders. The nutrients are fantastic. I'm more regular and have more energy. A must have! Simply add a teaspoon to your orange juice, smoothie, oatmeal or tea to start your morning right.

    Marie Young

  • Boost in my Energy Level!

    Boost in my Energy Level!

    I love my Moringa and Baobab powders. I have been using both and like the way I feel. The nutrients have increased my regularity and energy.
    Sunmbo Adebanjo

  • Entrepreneur


    I have added C4A Moringa and Baobab Powders to my diet and they mix really well in my shakes, juices and smoothies. After a few weeks, I noticed an improvement in my energy levels and concentration.

    Joyce U

  • Significant Increase in Energy

    Significant Increase in Energy

    I love my Moringa powder from C4A. I have been using it on a daily basis in my fruit salad and smoothies and my energy levels have increased. Thank you C4A!

    Krystal Mellix

  • Would definitely recommend the C4A Moringa & Baobab Powders

    Would definitely recommend the C4A Moringa & Baobab Powders

    I started with adding the powders to my smoothie and pizza. The textures were smooth and they both added a nice flavour to my meals. They are great if you are looking to make all your meals healthier and get your nutritional supplements in a natural form.

    Naimah Spencer

  • Baobab and Moringa

    Baobab and Moringa "Ice-cream"

    I love these powders. I have a daily Baobab-Moringa ice-cream as a snack between my lunch and dinner. One teaspoon of Baobab, 1/2 teaspoon of Moringa and a cup of Almond milk stirred for a bit and frozen in the freezer. It tastes SO DELICIOUS, has few calories and tins of nutrients! I love the flavors of both Baobab and Moringa with milk.

    Marisol Manriquez-Weiner

  • Great for Kids

    Great for Kids

    I’ve been trying to find a way to sneak additional nutrients into my kids foods and was so happy to find these powders are a good source of magnesium, vitamin A, iron and potassium. Kid friendly food with magnesium isn’t an easy find! I sprinkle some of the moringa over my savory dishes and watch the kids eat without noticing. The Baobab has a very subtle sweet undertone and goes unnoticed in my smoothies, but I could see using in more recipes. So glad this is working out for me and them!

    Yousra Abdelhadi

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