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The Absolute BEST 7 Natural Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Boost your immune system in a simple and uncomplicated way.

There are a myriad of factors that affect our immune system. The changing of
seasons, our busy routines, and pollution are just a few examples of factors that
lead to lower immunity, colds, flu, and allergies. When combined with poor
choices we make in terms of our diet, activity level, and prioritizing our health,
suffering from diseases and viral infections becomes inevitable.

However, there are just as many ways that we can boost our immune system to
keep illnesses and diseases at bay. These ways are easy to adopt and may help
you a great deal in boosting your immune system and staying healthier for

The best approach to getting and maintaining a strong immune system is by
consistently making great choices for your body and mind throughout the year.
As a result, when the seasons change or stress takes over, you will be ready to
guard yourself against them with a strong immune system to fight off all such

Here are seven easy and natural ways to boost your immunity and gain more energy and vitality to lead a better life.

1) Add Greens For Bloating And To Boost Your Immune System

Green vegetables are the source of protein; chlorophyll; many essential minerals
like magnesium, iron, calcium and potassium; vitamins C, K, E and many of the B
vitamins; and are loaded with antioxidants. These nutrients make leafy greens
incredible at detoxing the immune system, blood purification, and boosting immunity. 

Try to add as many greens for bloating to your daily diet as possible.


• Watercress
• Spinach
• Kale
• Lettuce
• Beet greens
• Sweet potato greens
• Rocket/arugula
• Collards

Ways to Add Greens to your Daily Diet that will boost your immune system.

  • SALAD: Eat a delicious salad. You can fill a large bowl with various greens you love and add some of your favorite raw or cooked vegetables. Top this with a healthy dressing and a sprinkle of Moringa powder to enjoy the salad without causing any harm to your health.
  • SMOOTHIE: Another option to add leafy greens to your diet is to include them to a juice or smoothie. Blend fruits, water, and vegetables together to make a healthy green smoothie that will work wonders to boost your immune system.
  • COOKED: Steam, stir-fry, or sauté the greens with whatever vegetable you are making and top it with a marinara sauce or lemon juice.

2) Add Green Veggie Juices That Boost Your Immune System To Your Daily Diet

Adding green vegetable juice to your diet means you are ready to clean away the toxic fats, heal many ailments to boost your immune system. The major benefit that green juices provide is because of the chlorophyll present in them. Chlorophyll is a very important protein compound that acts as a cell stimulator, rejuvenator, cleanser, internal healer, antiseptic, and much more. Studies have proven that chlorophyll is converted into hemoglobin by our body, thereby enriching the blood.

3) Avoid Refined Sugar And Processed Foods 

Refined sugar and processed food can be really harmful to your health, as they have been linked to many serious diseases like cancer and heart diseases. Sugar is addictive because it triggers the happy hormone.

  • AVOID DRINKING ANY FORM OF SODA POP AND SWEETENED DRINKS: The amount of sweetener in soft drinks is very high. Dropping the soft drinks eliminates the bad habit instantly.
  • DON’T EAT OR BUY PACKAGED FOODS: Even organic packaged foods may contain significant amounts of sugar. Stay away from organic and well as non - organic packaged food and don’t keep it at home to resist temptation. Try to make your own snacks at home, such as homemade popcorn, homemade muffins, hot cereals, eggs, and toast, to name a few healthy options.

4) Include Plant Based Superfoods That Boost Your Immune System

Baobab and Moringa, both plant based superfoods, help improve the immune system.They help people looking for increased energy, vibrancy, & better gut health! Immunity-boosting Baobab and Moringa powders will help you become energized and feel vibrant so exercise doesn’t feel like such a chore & you can enjoy life without feeling exhausted all the time.

Got a Superfood Question? WHY Baobab and Moringa?

It is essential to build a healthy immune system in order to maintain a healthy
body. Baobab and Moringa powders combined provide essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fiber & antioxidants that are delicious in smoothies, yogurts & other superfood snacks.

Baobab is a fruit with a citrus-like flavor and high-fat content while its pulp and leaves have antioxidant properties. The Baobab powder is a good source
of vitamins B1, B2, B6 and C. It is rich in Potassium, Magnesium and Phosphorus
and has leaves that are rich in Calcium. Also used in foods because of its
nutrients, possible health benefits, and as a natural preservative.

Is Baobab powder for babies? It is good for adults and can be used safely with children.

What does Moringa taste like? It tastes "earthy" and is similar to Matcha.

Moringa Powder is obtained from leaves which are hand-picked and made from naturally dried leaves of the Moringa 'Miracle' Tree.

Moringa helps maintain a healthy immune system and is a great source of several vitamins and minerals to ensure that the immune system is nourished because it relies heavily on nutrients for its optimal function.

It has leaves that are also a "complete" Protein source with 18 Amino acids and at least 46 essential antioxidants.

5) Read How Breathing Can Boost Your Immune System

Immune systems are affected both by negative thought processes and stress.
Our lives begin and end with the breath and, in between these two moments of
birth and death, most of us will take countless breaths but rarely give it a
moment's notice.

Scientists have observed that animals know how to shake off the stress of life - threatening situations by proper breathing to bring themselves back to a
relaxed state. This ability to maintain balance is an intuitive trait for both animals
and humans.

However, humans have suppressed this ability and have become unable to maintain the equilibrium due to the modern lifestyle, which includes
unnatural living conditions, high stress, environmental pollutants, and poor
quality of food.

Usually, the breath is the first physiological response to being affected by
trauma, but the change in breathing patterns is rarely noticed. Breathing has
the ability to deeply calm the mind and body by bringing a sense of peace and
tranquility to whatever you are dealing with. Take some time out from your daily
routine to breathe deeply and do so in a fresh, natural environment to enable
the inhalation of fresh air and maximize the benefits.

6) Sleep and Rest Combined Boost Your Immune System

Our body needs regular sleep and rest so that it can perform at its best and fend off any illnesses and symptoms that come its way. The aim should be to get at least seven hours of sleep every night with a regular sleep pattern. This helps to create a regular cycle for the body to help restore, rejuvenate, and improve the immune system and make it stronger.

Taking a brief nap during the day is also important and helps to switch the mind off and relax which leads to strengthening and balancing of the immune system. 

Research has shown that there is a direct link between sleep and the immune system. One of the consequences of sleep deprivation is a weakening of the immune system which leaves us unprotected when the next virus comes to attack and we are more prone to fall ill. Getting enough sleep holds the key to staying healthy and making the immune system stronger.

The bottom line is that sleep is essential for our body to remain healthy.
Getting a good night’s sleep keeps us alert, active, and in good health during cold and flu season and all year long.

7)  Find Out How Daily Exercise Can Boost Your Immune System

The lastbut most certainly not the leasteffective way to boost the immune system is to engage in regular exercise or physical activity. Physical exertion helps to decrease the chances of developing heart disease. It also keeps bones healthy and strong.

Physical activity helps flush bacteria out of the lungs and airways, greatly reducing the chances of getting cold, flu or other viral illnesses.

Exercise also helps to bring changes in antibodies and white blood cells (WBC),the body's immune system cells that fight diseases. These proactive antibodies or WBCs, circulate more rapidly and detect illnesses earlier than they might have before.

The slight rise in the body temperature during and after we exercise helps to prevent bacteria from growing and aids the body in fending off infections better. Exercise also proves helpful in slowing down the release of stress hormones.

Many diseases attack when we are stressed and vulnerable, so lower stress hormones protect from many illnesses in this way.

Fitness tips:
• Bicycling a few times a week.
• Taking daily walks for 20 to 30 minutes.
• Going to the gym every other day.
• Playing your favorite sport regularly.

Finally, consistently incorporating these steps into your life can produce amazing outcomes in terms of boosting your immune system. Help your immunity by
following a proper diet plan that includes leafy green vegetables, which are
loaded with all the nutrients required by the body to function properly. Juicing
the greens also helps to get on the path to a healthier tomorrow. Another key to boosting immunity is avoiding sugars and processed foods, which may be attractive and addictive but are extremely harmful to our body and health.

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