The Best Exercises to Start Your Day!!!

The Best Exercises to Start Your Day!!!

Looking to wake up more energized and ready to take on the day? Believe it or not, exercising in the morning can help you do that! Here are some exercises that are ideal for the early morning hours.

Stretching and Calming Workouts
Think about workouts that stretch your body after being stuck in bed all night, get you moving, and aren’t going to be too intense. Before you do any type of workout and even before you get out of bed, do some stretching when you sit up. This helps to limber up, stretch your tight muscles, and even releases a little energy. You might find that you feel a little more prepared to get out of bed and start your morning routine after a quick stretch.

When you get out of bed, there are some other workouts that are great for doing in the morning, from yoga or Pilates, to going for a walk around the neighborhood. Think of workouts that don’t require too much of you right away and that you can do even before you have caffeine.

Exercises to Increase Your Energy
For a little more of an energy boost in the morning, try some cardio like walking, going for a jog, or an early morning hike. These workouts are amazing for the morning because it gets your blood pumping, gets your cardio workout done for the day, and really increases your energy levels. Plus, if you do one of these workouts outdoors, you get that boost of vitamin D and some fresh air as well. There is something beautiful about fresh air first thing in the morning.

Other Forms of Exercise
Some other forms of exercise that are great for the morning include resistance training, strength training, and conditioning workouts. These can still be low-impact if you don’t want an intense workout during your morning routine, but get your required workout of the day out of the way and once again can help wake you up. Another benefit of this type of workout early in the morning is that it sets you up for a healthy day. You are more likely to eat healthy and take good care of yourself when you do a workout and get into that healthy mindset.

There really are no rules about what type of exercise to do in the morning, so it is going to depend on your preferences and fitness goals.

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