Collection: Baobab Superfood Powder Single Pack

Baobab superfood powder is a plant based superfood that is good for gut health, irregular bowel movements and an essential support to the immune system. Baobab which is a prebiotic food, similar to other probiotics, benefits the gut microbiome.

Baobab superfood powder is also known to:

  • Help reduce high blood sugar levels, 
  • Aid digestion in a natural way,
  • Promote effective digestion, 
  • Prevent cramps.
  • Be great in restoring electrolytes (especially for runners and athletes),
  • Contain antioxidant properties, and 
  • Cause dull hair and skin to shine with luster.

Convenient for those who do not like to take pill multivitamins because it can be easily added to juices that boost the immune system. It is also very versatile and can be added to baked goods and other breakfast meals like yogurt, smoothies, granola and other superfood snacks especially if you are short on time. 

The light citrusy flavour of Baobab gives most snacks that it is added to a pleasant taste.

Baobab powder is safe for most people including babies, young children and pregnant women.