Collection: Baobab and Moringa Superfood Powders Triple Pack Combo Bundle

The dynamic duo of superfoods, Baobab and Moringa superfoods, both plant based powders, combined are a great way to support and boost the immune system so that diseases, infections and illnesses are staved off.

Moringa superfood powder is known to help the body rid itself of harmful stuff in a gentle and natural way and Baobab is found in lotions and shampoos that help dull skin and hair to glow and shine.

Pure Moringa and Baobab superfood powders provide more health benefits than you can imagine and are popular with those looking to:

  • Increase energy levels in a natural way, 
  • Lower blood sugar levels and, 
  • Decrease brain fog with no chemicals or preservatives.

What does pure Moringa superfood powder taste like? Its taste is green and earthy, similar to Matcha green tea (Moringa vs. Matcha). It is particularly delicious in foods (check out our Moringa powder smoothie recipes), a variety of superfood snacks, drinks and is often used as greens for bloating.

Baobab powder has a light citrusy flavour and is a great addition to smoothies, yogurt and other superfood recipes.

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